Es jueves y sigo con algo de historia del calzado que nos brinda Bata Shoe Museum con su hashtag #bsmshoeoftheday y al que le añado #shoebackthursday, a ver si lo convierto en Hashtag de los Hashtag, como cada jueves de un tiempo a esta parte. 

Echa un vistazo. Sigo dejando el texto original que le acompañaba.

Bally, Switzerland, 1937-40.

French, 1944-45.

Ghana, 1930s.

Green rubber bathing shoe, 1930.

Indian, 1930-60. Gold embroidered mojaris, called khussa.

Indian, 1930s.

Olympic week- Stanzione ice skates, 1930-50, worn by Norwegian 3-time Olympic Champion Sonja Henie. @smithsonian

Our curatorial department had a treat today giving some love to these beautiful vintage shoes from the 1930s.

Seymour Troy, New York, 1940-50.

China, 1945-49.

Designed by Roger Vivier, late 1960s.

Kabuki shoes, designed by Beth Levine c. 1960s. Owned by Gloria Swanson.

Saddle shoe, Canada, 1950.

1950s fashion week.

Vibrant patterned velvet pumps from the mid 1960s. Slicca, 1965-68.

Calvin Klein boots, early 1990s.

Hana's bronzed baby boot is from Prague, then Czechoslovakia, purchased in 1922 and was her first walking shoe. Hana donated it to the Museum in 1995.

Berber boots, Morocco, early 20th century.

China, early 20th century. Footbinding, the now-banned thousand-year-old practice of binding women's feet to prevent growth, resulted in the making of tiny, highly decorative "lotus".

Superhero shoes, Mitsubishi, 1980.

Morocco, 2000.

Marc By Marc Jacobs, 2007.

Called "Lapti" in Russian.

Decorated with peacock feathers & green beads. Donated by iconic Canadian author @MargaretAtwood.

Elvis Presley.

These calf skin dance boots, made by the Iñupiat people of Alaska, may have been created to dance.

In Chinese theatre a general's boots usually depict a tiger or lion.

The bride's initials are carved in Gothic script at the throat and the lace-like carved designs give this pair an air of delicacy.

These wooden shoes, or namakshin, are carved from a solid piece of wood and were worn on rainy days and in muddy areas.


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